40,000 successful surgical procedures speak for themselves

Why Choose Ophthalmos?

Our Machines Are Seriously Excellent

The most technologically advanced equipment Our own state of the art private one day surgery facilities and our diagnostic departments are equipped with the most advanced technological equipment. In addition our collaborations with the 3 top private hospitals of Greece gives us access to even more advanced technological equipment, making us the only eye center that has so many cutting edge equipment at our our service for your optimum treatment.

You Get To Choose Medical Facility

Long term associations with Athens top private hospitals: In addition to our own – state – of the – art one day surgery facilities, our long-term association with Greece’s largest private hospitals “Hygeia”, “Mitera”, “Metropolitan” allows us to provide exceptional operative and post-operative care for our patients throughout and beyond the Athens area.

Prime Location

Ophthalmos institute is situated in Glyphada, the most trendy seaside proverb of Athens. Our clinic is one step away from the best seaside beaches of Athens in the heart of the market and very close to the best hotels in Athens. In addition it is very close to the port of Piraeus as well as the airport.

A Pioneering Practice

Our pioneering contributions to the international ophthalmological community are documented in the multitude of awards and distinctions our founder and members have received in the past thirty years.

An Exceptional Team

Our team of exceptionally skilled, highly trained and deeply experienced eye surgeons can perform a very wide variety of required and elective procedures that cover the entire spectrum of human vision health.

We Can Follow-Up Worldwide

Thirdly, our collaboration with top ophthalmologists around the worldIf needed it is all for the optimum completion of your treatment that you follow up your eye condition when you return to your country. Thus we see it as our obligation to provide you with a referral doctor back in your country whom we trust and can attend the progress of your treatment in the best possible way. How can we achieve that? For the past 30 years we have been at the forefront of the international developments in the field of ophthalmology. Our pioneering work in the field of Ophthalmic surgeries and our contributions to the development of the science of Ophthalmology has gained us a 30 year long term involvement in vital positions in the leading international ophthalmic organizations [HSIOIRS, SESCRS, ESCRS, EBO, DOG, AAO, ASCRS, ISRS, IIIC, Fyodorov Institution, Bararaquer Institute Spain, International Cornea Society, International Ocular Inflamation Society, MRCOphth MRCSEd ]. As such throughout the years we have developed a worldwide network that includes every major player in the field of Ophthalmology. Therefore when choosing Ophthalmos you must rest assured that we are in a privileged position to extend our service to your country through our elite network of ophthalmologists around the world.