Dr. Sofia Theodoropoulou

About Dr. Sofia Theodoropoulou

Sofia Theodoropoulou, MD, PhD, FRCOphth is a graduate of Athens Medical School and has been full trained in Surgical Ophthalmology in United Kingdom (Cambridge, Bristol). She is a member of Royal College of Ophthalmologists, UK, while she has performed a fellowship in MEEI, Harvard Medical School, and also completed a PhD in Ophthalmology.

She has been Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer-Hon) in University of Bristol and consultant ophthalmologist at NHS. She has received numerous awards and grants, including the Global Ophthalmology Award from Bayer (2017) for her contribution in treatment in retinal diseases   and a grant from the Academy of Medical Sciences for Immunotherapy for macular degeneration (2016). She has numerous publications and presentation in international conferences, with over 500 citations.

Read her full curriculum vitae here: THEODOROPOULOU-CV