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Ophthalmic Surgeon

Dr. Ioanna Metaxaki is an ophthalmic surgeon. She graduated from medical school with excellent marks. During residency, she gained remarkable experience in the field of glaucoma, cataract and medical retinal pathology. After completion of her specialization, she obtained the title of the Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology and she was awarded a grant as a young ophthalmologist from the Hellenic Society of Intraocular Implants and Refractive Surgery. She was awarded her Ph.D. from the University of Athens Medical School for the conduction of a 3 year genetic study on the pathophysiology of glaucoma. She has been trained in the USA on binocular vision disorders. She has participated in the conduct and publication of many scientific studies.
Read her full curriculum vitae here: CV Ι ΜΕΤΑΞΑΚΗ SITE ΕΝ

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