Description – Specifications

“Ophthalmos” is the only Ophthalmology Center in Athens with an Outpatient Day Surgery facility available for the exclusive use of our own physicians. In this way:

A) We guarantee the safety and monitoring of the Operating Rooms.

Our new unit, licensed on 2015, is equipped with the most complete, state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, we have made the choice of allowing its use exclusively to physicians of our center as the only way to guarantee the flawless functioning of the unit.

Additionally, the unit’s equipment and operation are overseen by the President of our Center, Professor Spyros Georgaras, who in the course of his long experience has equipped the ophthalmology department of “Hygeia” hospital, where he has been Director since 1980.

Β) We provide our patients with a more economically advantageous solution.

High hospital charges discourage many patients from going forward with a procedure that would normally be performed by the doctor they have put their trust in. As a result, they might look around for less reliable solutions, which may not have the desired result. In the spirit of the difficult current financial climate of Greece, “Ophthalmos” offers its patients the ability to choose to have their procedure carried out in a surgical unit which is as complete and secure, and staffed by the same surgeons, as they would choose at the hospital.

C) We make things easy for the patient, providing the entire procedure from start to finish at the same location
The diagnostic examinations, pre-operative checks, the actual procedures and post-operative monitoring all take place in the same unit, under the same high medical oversight and with the same technological and scientific specifications.