About Prof. Spyros Georgaras

Director at Ophthalmos

Prof. Sp Georgaras specializes in the anterior segment surgery of the eye and has been performing phacoemulsification, cataract and refractive surgery, since 1980. He was the first surgeon in Western Europe to introduce Radial Keratotomy to correct myopia and one of the pioneers of cataract operations performing phacoemulsification and Intraocular lenses implantation, which is the start point of modern ophthalmological surgery.

He is the first surgeon in Greece who operated hyperopia and high myopia with intraocular lenses, and presbyopia by extension of the sclera, radiofrequency and Monovision. His innovative surgical techniques have been widely published and presented to meetings all over the world. Prof. Georgaras studied in Greece and abroad. Read his full curriculum vitae here. CV ΣΠ ΓΕΩΡΓΑΡΑΣ SITE EN