A state-of-the-art outpatient medical facility in the busy and cosmopolitan seaside Athens suburb of Glyfada.

Established in 1985

Ophthalmos Eye Surgery & Therapeutic Institute embodies the scientific and medical vision of a pioneering Greek eye surgeon, Dr. Spyros Georgaras, who conceived of an eye care center that went far beyond the usual, providing world-class treatment for patients while promoting excellence in skills and services among his colleagues. The result of this dream was the founding of the aptly named Ophthalmos Research and Therapeutic Institute in 1985. The standards and scope of treatment offered today remain at the highest level and place it in a uniquely authoritative position in Greek ophthalmology.

Our Centre provides patients the choice of being treated at three different medical facilities, to cater for different needs. Here in Glyfada we operate a fully equipped one-day surgery as well as a state-of-the-art ophthalmology practice. Depending on your requirements, you may also have your procedure at “Hygeia” Hospital in Maroussi, north of Athens, accredited by JCI, or at “Metropolitan” Hospital, near the port of Piraeus. At “Ophthalmos” in Glyfada, we combine cutting-edge technology with a distinctive style. From our examination rooms to our operating room and the lobby area, we bring you the expertise required to practice ophthalmic medicine as a healing art. And with more than 40,000 successful surgeries to our credit, we are in the unique position to do so!

A Pioneering Vision

During the early years, our emphasis was on the anterior segment of the eye but has since expanded to include the entire human visual system. As scientific knowledge has grown over time, the tools and expertise of ophthalmologists have grown in tandem. Ophthalmos Institute has embraced these developments and now offers a comprehensive service to all our patients. If your needs are for a routine check-up, LASER treatment, cataract removal, glaucoma therapy or vision rehabilitation and training (and more), we can offer you and your family the expertise and advice you require to make informed decisions about your vision health


 Collaborations with top ophthalmologists around the world: If needed it is all for the optimum completion of your treatment that you follow up your eye condition when you return to your country. Thus we see it as our obligation to provide you with a referral doctor back in your country whom we trust and can attend the progress of your treatment in the best possible way. How can we achieve that? For the past 30 years we have been at the forefront of the international developments in the field of ophthalmology. Our pioneering work at the field of Ophthalmic surgeries and our contributions to the development of the science of Ophthalmology has gained us a 30 year long term involvement in vital positions in the leading international ophthalmic organizations [HSIOIRS, SESCRS, ESCRS, EBO, DOG, AAO, ASCRS, ISRS, IIIC, Fyodorov Institution, Bararaquer Institute Spain, International Cornea Society, International Ocular Inflamation Society, MRCOphth MRCSEd ]. As such throughout the years we have developed a worldwide network that includes every major player in the field of Ophthalmology. Therefore when choosing Ophthalmos you must rest assured that we are in a privileged position to extend our service to your country through our elite network of ophthalmologists around the world. 4. The most technologically advanced equipment Our own state of the art private one day surgery facilities and our diagnostic departments are equipped with the most advanced technological equipment. In addition our collaborations with the 3 top private hospitals of Greece gives us access to even more advanced technological equipment, making us the only eye center that has so many cutting edge equipment at our our service for your optimum treatment. 5. pioneeiring contribution in the international ophthalmological community 6. An exceptional team


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