Our Institute

``Ophthalmos`` Research and Therapeutic Institute is a recognized ophthalmology centre, operating in Glyfada, Athens, Greece since 1985. Performing more than 12,000 examinations and over 1,200 eye surgeries every year, it is one of the leading and most renowned ophthalmology institutes worldwide.

Our Team of Surgeons

Established by an internationally acclaimed eye surgeon, Ophthalmos comprises an eclectic team of physicians with a wealth of experience and top-notch training. Under Prtofessor Georgaras' guidance, through the years our team has acquired an unparalleled reputation. From refractive corrections to retinal surgery, our surgeons are experts who guarantee the finest medical care for your eyes.

Surgery: an Opportunity To Do Much More On The Athenian Riviera

Our Medical Tourism program offers patients much more than state-of-the-art surgery: it compliments surgery with a unique experience in one of Greece's most famous destinations, the Athenian Riviera (read more).

You are spoiled for choice: depending on your eye care needs, you can choose from among 3 major Hospitals!

Coming from abroad to receive the best eye care in the Mediterranean? Thanks to our highly esteemed reputation, we have been able to design eye surgery experiences to fit the most demanding circumstances. Our team of surgeons can operate in any of three well-known eye hospitals: Ophthalmos, in Glyfada; Metropolitan Hospital in Piraeus; and Ygeia Hospital in Maroussi.


  • HYGIA Hospital is the only JCI accredited Hospital in Greece
  • Our founder is the Directors of HYGIA’s Ophalmological Dept.
  • Metropolitan Hospital hosts the newest most innovative instruments and technology
  • Bullet Number 4

State-of-the-Art Medical Technology and Instrumentation

State of the Art technology is key to good surgical excellence, which is why we have invested and continue to invest in state of the art equipment. Our surgeons work with

1. The Laser Cataract Suite LensX, Alcon

2. The Alcon Centurion Vision System

3. The Micron M7 Excimer Laser, Excelsius Medical

4. Type ARF Excimer Laser, 193mm

5. The Alcon Infinity Vision System και Bausch+ Lomb Stellaris Vision Enhancement System

5. The Alcon Infinity Vision System και Bausch+ Lomb Stellaris Vision Enhancement System

6. Bausch +Lomb Stellaris PC Zeiss Resight και Oculus BIOM
7. Bausch +Lomb Stellaris PC και μικροσκόπιο Leica με σύστημα  παρατήρησης βυθού Oculus BIOM.

Our dedicated, highly trained medical professionals provide accurate diagnostic testing and surgical treatment, using some of the world’s most technologically advanced, finely-tuned equipment, in a caring environment. This is why they consistently deliver superior results.